A teacher’s rainbow…

A teacher's rainbow...

I had to share these pictures of coloured pencils I rescued from the bin at school and hand sharpened (I have the blister to prove it). Our students used these today to draw observational pictures of shells and sea stars. It’s almost silly how happy this makes me.


They used to look like this. Eep.

Mama xo


5 thoughts on “A teacher’s rainbow…

  1. EEEKKKK!! OMG they were really throwing all those pencils out?????? At my school we sat down at the end of 2012 to organise our stationery. We worked out that it was cheaper (and just made more sense) for us to buy our pencils in individual colours in a bulk box (after all the kiddies have their favourite colours that get used more than others). I made one rule when throwing the little ones out- they had to be under 5cms. I just think of all the kiddies who don’t have coloured pencils at home, they would love these. Good one Mama for that fabulous rescue.

    Also on that stationery at school note. I’ve been pretty annoyed at the kids constantly ‘loosing’ their stationery and requiring new glue sticks, grey leads, erasers etc. I’m pretty anal about labelling all their stationery when they’re given it to ensure it gets back to them. Sometimes it is legitimate and they have indeed lost their glue stick, but more than likely I’ve noticed that they’ve thrown out their glue stick because it’s near the end and they’ve seen ‘Little Derrick’ get a new one. I’ve tried to explain to them that this is very wasteful and we should be looking after our stationery as glue stick tubes just don’t ‘break down’ but alas this doesn’t seem to work. So, I’ve introduced a little chart for the stationery cupboard. Each student has their name on the list with a tally next to the stationery item they have received. I’m giving one of them a small reward at the end of the semester for the student who has used the least amount of stationery. Not sure how I’ll go, but I’ll keep you posted.

    • Ooh, I really like that idea. At our school we have shared stationary. Each child buys their own school pack but the stationary is then put into shared containers, so if they need to use a glue stick they go to the glue stick basket and get one, without having to find their own. (It’s a part of our philosophy.) I wonder if that would work with your kids, too?

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