A part of what we want to do this year is declutter our home. With no new things coming in it should be much easier to do this (theoretically). Every so often I’ll read an article about different ways to approach clutter in your house. A lot of them focus on the wardrobe. The rule regarding getting rid of anything you haven’t worn in 12 months just gives me heart palpitations. I have a lot of vintage dresses that I haven’t worn in a long time, but I’m very attached to them.


I know I will never find anything like them again. I realise that is just an excuse. But seriously, it’s just not happening. So where to next? My books? Magazines? My jars of buttons? I think maybe it’s one of the downsides to being a teacher. Everything is a resource. Most things I keep for crafting / sewing / school do come in handy. They take up so much room, though. And they only come in handy once, maybe twice a year.

Here are a few articles I’ve read that I think have great ideas. The thing I like about these articles are that they make it sound easy and even a little bit fun. I am actually a little inspired to start. Just a little. I’ll let you know if I make any progress*.

33 Ways to Declutter

18 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home By Going Green

10 Creative Ways to Declutter

Don’t let the junk win!

Mama xoxo

*If you’re after a hair straightener, I’m your gal. It’s the one thing I have so far decided I don’t need, so mine is up for grabs. Let me know if you want it.


3 thoughts on “D…d…declutter.

  1. Oh my goodness, don’t throw any of your clothes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I may not be the best person for ideas on this subject, however recently I was discussing with my mum about keeping clothes. I wish she kept more of hers so I could see. We discussed bridesmaid dresses and whether you should hang on to them if the couple had divorced – the conclusion was no, but when in doubt check with the bride first. There are items that I op shopped maybe only 4 – 6 years ago that at the time I was sick of them, but now I wish I still had them!! I was sick of them because I loved them and wore them.

    I love putting them away then pulling them out again a year or so later, it’s like going shopping all over again 😀

  2. Now that you have a daughter, some of your dresses will eventually become dress-ups! Some will also be plucked from your cupboard by this same daughter and claimed as her own in about 19 years time. What if you boxed up dress-ups and the really sentimental or precious ones and then applied the ‘de-clutter’ rules to the rest? Turn all the coat hangers around the other way and when your wear one hang it up properly… after a year you will know what clothes you really wear and what you don’t. I feel for you, but love what your doing!

  3. Well, I started small. I just ‘decluttered’ my bedside table drawer. It’s one of those drawers that usually hangs open and collects lots of small things. I put everything back where it belonged, which took about ten minutes and makes a huge difference. It’s one of the first things I see in the morning. I also collected a bag full of tiny, little, itty bitty things that I’ve had for years and never use but are, technically speaking, ‘useful’. I’m sending them to the opp shop for someone else to adore and buy and never use.
    My vintage dresses remain untouched and unworn.

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