To hoard: “Amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away.”*

It’s official, BP and I are becoming hoarders. Mainly me, but he’s not immune. The thing about hoarding in our situation is that rarely are we hoarding anything of value.

It started when I put on a brand new pair of Christmas undies early in the new year. The bow fell off the front and instead of throwing it away I went purposefully and placed it with my sewing and crafting ribbons. Just in case… Admittedly, it is difficult to even imagine a scenario where a tiny, itty, bitty ribbon in a bow will become essential over the next year, but still!!

The hoarding continued when BP tried to get rid of a small metal case that a Christmas gift voucher came in. I…just…couldn’t…let…it…go.

Yesterday when I returned to work for the start of the new school year my hoarding came to a head. (I should be careful saying that, this may actually be the beginning rather than some kind of hoarding climax). Someone tried to throw away a small slice tin that is a bit burnt and a bit questionably stained and has probably been lying around the staff room for approximately 7.75 years. I collected it.

(I actually did think this one through. We’re hoping to make Little Fearse an awesome play kitchen and the slice pan was just the right size for a Little Fearse sized oven.)

Then I collected all the plastic wear that has been left behind by over worked, under fed staff over the years. Then I collected a huge tub of pencils and textas that probably all have broken leads and splayed nibs. Next someone offered me a roll of ten million thousand trillion gabillion freezer bags for my big bake up. A kind community member dropped off a stack of calendars for the teachers to use. Yoink. The boss gave me a diary and planner he wasn’t going to use…

Look. It didn’t end there. It took several trips to and from the car yesterday when I got home to get all of this stuff into the house.

It’s really hard not to panic and pick up every thing that could, just maybe help us out throughout the year. But really, a part of what we’re doing is trying to scale back on the junk we do no need, not build a huge mountain of other people’s discards just in case. We’re not preparing for the apocalypse. We CAN go and buy a calendar / slice tin / stupidly large roll of freezer bags. We just don’t want to.

My only comfort at this stage is reading in Kerry’s blog, The Simple Year, that these urges do fade and as the year wears on we’ll probably stop collecting all this junk. Or find a use for it.

Hopefully we’ll just stop collecting.

Wish us luck,

Mama xox

* Definition courtesy of Google. Thanks Googs!


4 thoughts on “To hoard: “Amass (money or valued objects) and hide or store away.”*

  1. Oh I hope you still want the beautifully crocheted( by a 91 year old who crochets for the the “old dears” as she puts it) lilac and white blanket.If you need some things for little Fearse’s kitchen let me know what items you are searching for. The twins have things they would like to pass on…and of course because it is one of their favourite teachers child.

    • Yes! I’d still love the blanket…at least it’s something we can use. Plus…so pretty. Thanks twins! I’ll let you know when we start making the kitchen. We’re thinking it’ll be a Christmas or 2nd birthday present, so awhile away.

  2. I’m sort of envious of the freezer bags. You will probably need those. I was very amused by the bow, because that is exactly something I would do. Although that bow would already be glued to something at my house…like the dog. Bows are very popular with my six year old. Thanks for the mention….it does get easier…or you get more focused in your hoarding, I don’t know.

    • Oh the freezer bags are going to be insanely useful. I’m actually quite impressed with the hoard I amassed at school…but I know that it’s going to become a problem if it continues. Maybe I should mail the bow to the girls? Haha.

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