The Meat Line

After watching “No Impact Man” last night with Momma Fearse, we had a really interesting conversation about the impact that we have on our environment and what difference that actually makes.  Like No Impact Man, we agreed the best you can really do is be an optimist and hope that your optimism rubs off on some people.

During the film the family ate food that was grown within a 250 mile radius and the mother in the family felt like she was missing out on meat. This gave Momma Fearse an idea, she suggested that maybe sometime in the future I attempt not eating meat (which Vegetarian Momma doesn’t eat anyway), to lower my impact on the environment. I was less than impressed. I am on board for most of Mommas schemes and master plans, I even took to eating vegan meals two to three times a week in support. The notion that I cut meat out of my diet all together though caused me to draw a line, a meat line.

I don’t put my foot down often but in the case I stomped a hole in the floor.  BNN is one thing, buying our fruit and vegetables at the local market I’m behind 110%, but the not eating meat for a year, month or week is where I draw the line as far as sustainability or making an impact on the environment goes.  I don’t have a environmental or sustainability theory to back this up, I don’t even really have a way to explain my reasoning for drawing the line there. The point I am trying to make is that I think everyone has a line or a specific thing that they draw the line at when they are enacting change in their life.

Sometimes that line is drawn out of convenience, maybe ignorance, but most often fear, the fear of going without, fear of the unknown, fear of withdrawal or maybe the just the good old fear of change.  Sometimes this fear will lead to people cheating themselves at what they are trying to accomplish, be it eating healthy, quitting smoking or making a positive impact on the environment.

We have seen this first hand with people giving us advice on how to beat the system as far as BNN goes, but that’s not our goal, we really want to do this is properly and get to the Jan 1 2014 having genuinely not purchased anything new. We can’t let our fear, personal limitations or desire get the better of us and try really hard to not be influenced by other people’s fears for us.

This was supposed to be about meat or something and now I’ve gotten all preachy and righteous about our mission for the year and that’s more Momma’s domain.

The meat line has been drawn in the Fearse household in a medium rare line around myself and Lil Fearse.

Go Forth and Eat Steak

Big Poppa Fearse


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