I heart op shopping.

I have a little mini list of things that I am hunting for second hand at the moment. I’m delighted to say that rather than growing, it’s actually shrinking.

I have had many kind offers of only slightly used hair brushes. Thank you one and all. I found an unused, but donated (so second hand, or second ownership, right?) hair brush at our local Savers.* I was stoked.



Then it was like the domino effect (not like communism…but then…isn’t that weird? I digress). I found a double mattress protector for our spare bed in near new condition. In a trip to our local Salvos I found two insulated lunch boxes for transporting breast milk to child care and from work when I need to express.



I stumbled upon an array of plastic containers for freezing all the meals I’m making before going back to work next week. (Ok, that one isn’t that unusual.) And then I had some real luck. I’ve been sorting Little Fearse’s clothes into space saver bags and shoving them under the bed when she goes up a size. I’ve got a huge stack of clothes ready to be space saved…but no bag. I had it on my list, thinking maybe they’d show up on Ebay or the like. Well…$2.99 got me a large space saver bag still in its box at the local oppie. How’s that for all kinds of awesome?

Everything feels a lot more possible suddenly. I wonder how long that will last?

Mama xo

*Savers is not technically an op shop. They have some vague support of the Diabetes Foundation, but it’s worth remembering that they’re a second hand clothing business, which is why I will buy things from them, but not donate to them.


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