What I learnt from a high visibility polar fleece.

I have spent a fair bit of time in the last week lying under a sleeping baby, staring at the wardrobe. We currently have the doors off and I can see all our clothes bundled up in their untidy piles. Unsurprisingly BP’s high visibility polar fleece stands out among the lot. Prior to BNN BP man-purchased the polar fleece at the local market. By man-purchase, I mean he bought it without trying it on.

[NB: I have searched for a statistic to back up that this is a typically male thing to do so that I won’t sound like I’m gender stereotyping. There doesn’t seem to be such a statistic, so uhh, I’m gender stereotyping.]

It turns out it fits him really well, except the arms are too short. Maybe BP just has freakishly long arms. Prior to BNN the fleece would probably have been sent to the op shop and we would have bought a bigger one. But we can’t do that this year and anyway, I feel like BP needs to learn a lesson about trying on clothes before he buys them. And a part of that lesson requires me to do a lot of problem solving, and then a lot of DIYing, including a lot of sewing.

I’m not sure who is really learning a lesson here.

I’ve spent a lot of those hours trapped under the baby trying to work out how I can make the arms longer. In my mind I can do this so neatly it is unnoticeable. I can find some spare polar fleece exactly the right colour lying around and I can add it into the arms between the high visibility orange and the navy fleece. I’ve racked my brains to think of where we might have some fleece, or other material just the right colour. I’ve imagined myself using my sewing machine in ways I’ve never used it before to perform this arm lengthening miracle.

I’m not sure if this is ever going to eventuate, but the best thing about it is the realisation that my thought processes seem to be changing already. I’m getting really absorbed in ideas of repair and repurpose, instead of replace.  Maybe even one day, before the year is out, I will actually do one of these amazing feats of DIY and not just dream about them.


7 thoughts on “What I learnt from a high visibility polar fleece.

  1. Keep your eye out for a new second hand fleece and turn your old fleece into a vest. (Then you will have loads of spare fleece just lying around for when that next man purchase happens). Or as my BP likes to call a vest – it’s a ‘sleeveless jummer’ (he has his own vocab for things and tends to drop off excess letters ie; Grandma becomes Gramma, sandwhiches=sanwhichez, it’s very cute)

  2. If you can crochet you make him a two inch band and them whip stitch it on the end (that is a sewing term that I interpret to mean “sew on messily by hand”.) Since I think I have read he is a musician, he can probably pull it off as cool and quirky as opposed to the rest of us that would just look…well…a bit strange.
    OR, you could find him another at a resale shop and then hand that one on to a charity and you would stay in balance with the universe.

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