I have promised BP (That’s what I’m calling him from now on. Deal with it.) I won’t complain about my phone any more. To him. I’ll just have to get it all out to you guys. I have an original Samsung Galaxy, so it’s about two and a half years old. Around about the time the most recent Galaxy came out my screen started to turn itself off periodically. Annoyingly I have to remove the cover and pull out the battery to give it a shake before the bloody thing will turn on again.

I shouldn’t really complain, it’s been worked hard over the last two and half years. My first mobile phone lasted for about 6 years. I wanted this one to last that long, too. It REALLY bugs me that things are only designed to last as long as the model is current. I still use an iPod I received in 2006. They have released NINETEEN new models since then, and my iPod still (surprisingly) works a charm. I love it. It’s huge and chunky and no one will ever steal it because it is really not sexy. BP’s iPod, purchased less than two years ago, has already malfunctioned and cannot be repaired. (Fun fact: the headphone jack had stopped working, so we passed it on to our nephews to play in their dock as a Christmas gift. Perfect!)

BP and I have had the phone discussion. Replacing the phone with a new two year contract is not “technically” buying something new, it’s buying the service, on contract, for two years. And they give you a free phone! Except, they don’t. You pay way too much for the phone and the service over two years. Anyway…the end result is that if I sign up with a new contract I will end up with one phone too many lying around the house (again), contributing further to my footprint on Earth. I know I can recycle it through charities and the like, but I still feel quite strongly that it wouldn’t be honouring our BNN deal.  So what can I do?

I remember back in the ‘old’ days (you know, about five years ago) when everyone had the Nokia 6210 you used to be able to replace the battery fairly cheaply. Those phones lasted for such a long time. I know they weren’t “smart” and they used a lot less technology (and therefore we used them less, too). Can you buy new batteries for smart phones for a cost that is reasonable? Actually, forget new batteries, can you buy refurbished batteries for smart phones? Is that an option?

Maybe I should try going without a phone for a while.


Meanwhile, when searching for batteries on Ebay I accidentally bid on something. I had a sudden urge to buysomethinganything. Fortunately I bid on something quite practical – a waterproof mattress protector for Little Fearse’s cot. We need one. I could have bid on a new one, but I didn’t, I bid on a second hand one. It’s not a deal breaker, but geee…it was close.

Happy days,

Mama xo


4 thoughts on “Recharge.

  1. My solution would be to find someone who had a decent and reliable spare phone they aren’t using. I’d say there would be a fair few due to the culture of constant upgrading. Then you wouldn’t be buying something new in or out of a contract. Perhaps print a photo and cut it to the size of the screen, then have it set in clear resin, making it a really cool and unique permanent photo frame 🙂
    You could even have the guts stripped out of it for recycling so you’re still helping the earth!

  2. There is a guy at Dandenong Market who fixes phones. He might be able to help and fix your phone or sell you a used one which you could bring to your plan. We are on a byo plan at the moment as our contract is expired. It’s about $40-$50 cheaper a month.

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