The Good Consumer

A very thought provoking look at how we are manipulated to continue consuming over and again.


4 thoughts on “The Good Consumer

    • Thanks, Kerry. I have just read your post about reading glasses and have to admit I both laughed and shuddered at the realisation that this could be me in the next year. I think it’s interesting that we steeled ourselves beforehand for not making the big purchases, but it’s actually the smaller, day to day ones that are more difficult to avoid. I’ll enjoy reading back over your adventures. Thanks for reading! Eliza

  1. Loved the video. Last night my 5 year old nephew and I were watching TV at his NaNa’s house. A commercial for Dove soap came on, in which other ‘inferior’ soaps were compared to it. At the end my nephew said “Look, we need to get Dove soap because it’s better!” I told him that commercials were made to convince us that we need things even when we don’t. His reply: “Oh, they just want to get rich!” Ding, ding, ding! I was so happy to see that he got it in that moment, even though I know commercials are still going to have their way with him sometimes.

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