Challenges we already anticipate…

We’re 9 days in and so far…winning. Just took a week away on Summer holidays and spent a total of $30. No new purchases.

As suggested by a lovely reader on FB I will be ‘purchasing’ the new books with my vouchers but donating the same amount of books. That way I’m not accumulating more stuff. Actually, I will probably be buying two books and I’ve found four to donate to the local oppie. So…yay! (By the way, for those who are interested, none of them are Big Poppa’s books…)

There are a few things I suspect (or know) we’ll need to purchase over the coming year and those things are troubling me somewhat. I need to focus on solutions that don’t compromise BNN or my other personal philosophies. That’s to say, I don’t want to purchase something second-hand as an interim until next year. That is still accumulating stuff that will be landfill within the year. I also want to ensure we’re making ethical choices with purchases.

  • Our fridge is losing it’s seal and making an odd noise at the back. If it’s not closed carefully both the freezer and fridge hang open a little which is disastrous for our energy bill, ecologically irresponsible and terrible for our food. This year we may need to purchase a new (to us) fridge. How do we do this while ensuring that it is second hand but also has a high energy rating (something I take very seriously when purchasing white goods)? While I’d like to think this is a bridge we can cross when we get to it…we can’t. Fridges are expensive and a necessity. When our fridge goes bung we need to have a fool-proof plan for quickly acquiring a new one that we can afford and meets our energy requirements. Any ideas?
  • Little Fearse will definitely start walking this year. She’s ridiculously close already. While we were away she took several opportunities to stand for a few seconds without holding on to anything. Exciting, but also…aaaahhhhhhgggghh! Children’s shoes are ridiculously expensive. Plus, especially at this age, they grow out of them in about three seconds flat. There is some debate over the use of second hand shoes. Obviously to be safe and supportive she needs shoes that fit her very well. This is also something that we need to pre-plan for, but since her feet are growing all the time we can’t start searching until we know what size they’ll be when she starts walking.
  • This might seem minor, but I forgot to purchase a new hair brush before January 1st. I’ve had mine for 12 years and all of the little bobbles have worn off the ends of the tines. Plus the handle keeps falling off. My very long hair is fond of bird nesting itself if I don’t brush it regularly. I can probably hold off with my current hair brush for a little while longer and I have got my Mum hunting her cupboards for any old hair brushes that are hiding out. I’d hate a blimming hair brush to be my first ‘new’ purchase. That’d be a bummer.
  • I’m currently driving my brother’s car, while Big Poppa drives my Dad’s car and my parents have my car. This is a very confusing situation (especially if someone gets a speeding fine…) but seems to work for us. My brother will be returning from overseas in August and we will need to purchase a ‘family’ car. Although this DEFINITELY won’t be a new car, it is a new purchase and it’s important that we think carefully about our needs and desires before we need to buy a car. At the moment we’re rating child safety ratings as pretty high on our list of priorities.
  • My subscription to the Australian Breastfeeding Association is due for renewal, and I have decided to renew. All three of us are breastfeeding fans and supporting the ABA is important to us.
  • Now that Little Fearse is getting around a lot more we need to put child proof locks on the kitchen, bathroom and laundry cupboards. I have been dreaming for awhile now about a vintage medicine cabinet to hang on our bathroom wall, but have decided to put that aside at the moment. Medicines will go in a box at the top of a tall cupboard in another room. We have been gifted some left over drawer locks from child proofing at my parent’s holiday house which is great! Now we just need to get some locks for cupboard doors. We might need to purchase these, but we anticipated that under the ‘safety’ clause. Mind you, if anyone has any child proofing bits and pieces that they are no longer using or that are looking for a home, we’d be delighted to put them to good use.
  • We need to install new deadlocks for two external doors of our house. This is not optional. I don’t imagine we can do it without purchasing brand new locks. We just have to find the most cost effective way to do this.
  • Before Little Fearse moves into her own room we would really like to put up blinds. I wonder where we might be able to source second hand blinds? Perhaps we’ll keep our eyes on Ebay. We’d have to be pretty lucky to get the exact right size…but hey, stranger things have happened.

If anyone has any leads or suggestions for any of these challenges, we’d love your advice.


Mama xo


14 thoughts on “Challenges we already anticipate…

  1. You are doing so well. With the fridge, you could buy it second hand by getting someone to buy it new and then a week later buy it off them. Am I over-reaching?
    Baby Fearse’s shoes. Grandmothers love to buy shoes. I buy my girls shoes twice a year.
    Door locks. I will get Hoppy to search and see if he has any deadlocks in the shed. he keeps everything!
    We found those red rubber bands they put around the mail excellent for keeping doors shut presuming the cupboard doors have handles.
    If you can source the fittings and get a roller to fit you could make your own fabric blinds. Or even get some s/h verticals and cover them so they make a picture when they are closed.
    If you are REnewing a membership it’s not like you are buying something new. It’s like your car rego.

  2. Eliza – I really do love reading your blogs.
    I am a member of a local facebook group called ‘buy and sell Wonthaggi area’. I have regularly seen fridges advertised at a very good price. Some of them, near new. I will send you an invite to the group and an admin will accept you if you decide to join. I know you may then have the issue of collection etc but worth a look? Doing a quick search, I can see there is a ‘Berwick, buy, swap, sell and advertise’ page. It only has 75 members but again, worth a look?
    We have a couple of safety locks (two) that we wont need. You can have them.
    We also have a mountian of shoes. What size is V wearing currently? I’ll see what we have.
    You’re doing a great job!
    P.s. I NEVER brush my hair (I do comb it lol..) and I have a hairbrush that you can have if desperate 🙂

  3. Thank you for your comments and offers, Leia and Barb!

    Leia, I’m not sure what size V’s feet are currently, I’ll measure them and check some charts. I’ll look into the groups you’ve mentioned. I’ll be in contact anyhooo.

    Barb, in terms of the fridge and shoes, we are really keen to not find ways to ‘cheat’ the system, but rather find ways to get the things we need without adding too much to our carbon footprint. We’d be stoked if you can ask Hoppy about the deadlocks. We’re also after a door handle if he has any hanging around. Our rear door doesn’t have a handle…annoying! I’m going to have a hunt in Dad’s giant shed, too. Thanks for the tips re: blinds. I might see if I can find some blind tutorials.

    • Been thinking about the shoes. It’s true that they grow out of them very quickly. Probably so quickly that they don’t make too much of an impression on the inside. So that would mean that second hand would be okay if they were fitted. You could go to Shoes and Sox and have her measured and search accordingly. Still working on the fridge but I’m sure you will find plenty on the Bay of E.

  4. Eliza with your fridge you could look into getting it resealed. I did that once years ago with an old fridge and got a bit more mileage out of it! Keep up the great work and blog, Im really enjoying following you.

  5. I’m enjoying your blog and I have lots of thoughts/debates going on in my head!! A few thoughts….
    With the fridge, does it count if it doesn’t go to land fill? That seems to be the main point? So if you replace your fridge but then use your fridge as… say… a garden bed, then you are ensuring it’s not going into land fill?
    Move over eBay – I’m now on gumtree! Do you know you can swap stuff on there? I find its much more practical than eBay as people and wanting to just get rid of things opposed to a making money scheme. We are needing a dining table and just missed out on a really good one that was getting given away for free….
    Good luck!

    • Awesome, Kristen. I have had a squiz at Gumtree (last night, actually). I’ll definitely add this to our resource list. LOVE the idea of turning the fridge into a garden bed. I’ll have to get myself Pinteresting on that subject STAT! What did we do before the Internet? Wrote personal diaries and used actual scrap books and bin boards? Crazy!

  6. I just thought of your child proof cupboards..I used elastic bands or hair tires. But must say until Violet is walking you wont know what she wants to get into…..Juliet never wanted to get into cupboards, we made the stuff in there available for play anyway. you know like pots, pans Tupperware. She never wanted to open a cupboard because we just put it out for her. The only hurdle we had was that she cleaned up. Like in day care but her style was throwing everything in the sink..very funny to watch but we had to make sure that her cup was strong plastic. If you teach them not to touch and give them interesting things they can then “child proofing wont be a problem. Juliet was brought up in a multi gen household who had never heard of “child proofing’ and i think that was good. Her Great granddad was the the third eldest of 10. He was always spent time with J and showed me the ropes of baby business at 80 yrs . don’t over think it even with first shoes ( Her great Grandad owned a shoe shop in London) Yes, first walkers matter, but not till they are really walking at over a year. Just buy soft soled light weight shoes second hand, but when they are walking proper, they grow outta shoes so quick. Still lots of second hand sites can help with first walkers.hope this helps xxoo

  7. You have thought so deeply about all this and it’s really enjoyable to read! In regards to the fridge, I would find the one you want (product and then search on eBay and all the other sites. If one comes up that satisfys all your needs and considerations then you can purchase it and not be rushed into a decision when yours finally kicks the bucket. When it comes to baby proofing, I personally do as little as I can! The medicines are up high and other than vinegar in the kitchen cupboard there is little that my 1yo can get to. My son wasn’t interested in the cupboards and I am waiting to see what my daughter gets into before I send myself mental with those safety clips and gadgets! have you been to the baby and kids markets? I have bought lots of shoes from there and really for the 1st 6 or more months you can get away with the leather ones and there is no detriment to their foot by being in second hand! I have recently bought 2 pairs of the leather ones at markets and op shops for a $1 or so each,and she is walking really well in them. My mum made me block out curtains for my kids rooms- granted she bought the fabric, but with our French door windows it was impossible to buy off the rack- see if you can pick up some good quality curtains at an op shop and if you have a friend who is handy with a sewing machine, alter them to fit!

  8. Hiya!

    Okay I googled what my mom usually uses here when fixing up her home and found one in Australia but as we both know it’s big like Canada so I am not sure what’s near you so you may have to do more research along the lines but maybe you can find items you need here: ?? There are other business similar to it around as well so you may be able to find both the deadbolts and fridge there?

    As for curtains my mom used to sew large bath towels together or re-purpose sheets into curtains when we were small to try and stretch at dollar. A place the resells any building or office supplies may have what you need. Not sure if this helps but I hope you find what you need easily. 🙂

    • Hey! Cool! I read about this on another blog yesterday,but didn’t even stop to think there might be stores in Australia. Thanks, Aileen. I also love the idea of sewing towels together to make curtains. Very resourceful!

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