My first BNN dilemma.

Yes, it’s the 2nd of January and I already have a Buy Nothing New conundrum. We were given book vouchers for Christmas. Book vouchers are one of my absolute favourite gifts (due to aforementioned book addiction…). Books are definitely stuff. I could easily read something and pass it on to someone else to read. Or borrow books from the library and not have to deal with them cluttering up my life. The thing is, I love the aesthetic of books in a home. I love to be able to lend a book I’ve enjoyed out to friends and family who I think will enjoy it, too. I hope one day Little Fearse will love reading as much as me and I can share the books I’ve loved with her.

So…where does spending our book vouchers lie in our BNN quest? It is DEFINITELY acquiring something new. It is NOT affecting our finances. I do not NEED new books. I can’t, however, let the vouchers go to waste (let’s not bring back flashbacks from the over $200 worth of vouchers I had in my purse when Borders went bust…). I was also given these vouchers as a way of supporting our local book shop. Like all small book shops it is up against big department stores and online book sellers. I really like being able to go into my local book store and browse for a book. I hope Little Fearse will one day be able to go into a local book store and browse for books, though I think it is unlikely.

In the next few weeks I will be buying some books. So, book reading friends, if you care to share your book desires with me I will try and get something I can lend and lend and lend again. At the moment I’m leaning towards NW by Zadie Smith and The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. I might also get something to put away for Little Fearse’s birthday.

Am I failing already?

Be good (well, goodISH)

Mama Fearse


4 thoughts on “My first BNN dilemma.

  1. Your book vouchers are from 2012 therefore they are pre-BNN. By using them you support a local business and purchase something you can pass among your friends and family. This is not a fail.

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